Brain power is the new horsepower.

To put it simply, Local Motors believes that brainpower is the new horsepower, and I’m the latest of their rule-breaking, co-creating, industry-disrupting products; the ultimate expression of how they are changing transportation as we know it.

Leave the driving to me.

I'm more than a vehicle I'm an ecosystem.

Where are we going today?

I'm Flexible

Use me to transport students across campus efficiently. Fill the gaps in your city's transit system. Or perhaps allow me to make moving across your corporate grounds more enjoyable. I can give your mobility more mojo.

Less Factory

Using direct digital manufacturing and a smaller factory footprint, we are bringing production to the modern age and accelerating the path from art to part.

Less Traffic

When traveling freely in like-minded packs, we reduce individual driving. Factor in the efficiency of rides on demand and electric drivetrains, and the carbon footprints of cities and campuses can be drastically diminished.

More Utility

People will always need to get to point B, but the method will change dramatically. Fewer individually owned cars, fewer drivers, and a system that adapts to the needs of the community. That's the promise of Olli.

Let's hear your ideas.

Olli isn't just a vehicle launch, it's a platform for new ways of riding, and new ways of thinking about transportation. Join Local Motors online community of cocreators helping to shape the future.


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Why are self-driving vehicles important?

In a quickly urbanizing world—self-driving vehicles like Olli will lead to safer, more convenient and efficient mobility.

Is Olli safe?

Yes! Olli keeps you safe with sensors that observe the environment in all directions, at all times to avoid incidents. Olli never gets distracted, tired or texts and drives. On-board backup systems for steering and braking help ensure a safe journey to your destination.

How does Olli avoid obstacles?

Olli uses sensors like lidar and cameras to detect and avoid objects in its path. In fact, Olli can typically see pedestrians and riders way before a human driver does. In the event when there is little warning—Olli can come to a full stop 10x faster than a vehicle operated by human driver.

How does Olli know where it is?

Olli can sense its position relative to other objects with its lidar and GPS systems. The lidar system can see up to 200m in all directions and in most weather conditions. GPS determines Olli's coordinates and provides navigational information.

How does Olli know where to go?

If Olli's on a fixed-route, a predetermined course will be followed and any unforeseen objects or interferences with the redundant sensor system will be responsively handled. If Olli's on-demand, riders simply command where they want to go. Olli will take you on an optimized route from point A to point B all while using all those sensors to keep you safe.

How does it know not to hit stuff?

Olli has a variety of sensors for object detection and avoidance. Each sensor has a specialization much like a human's set of sensors (think eyes, ears, and nose but for a robot). Olli can detect, identify, and avoid objects much faster than any human's reaction time.

How fast is Olli?

Olli will initially travel at low speeds between 5 and 25 mph. We plan to steadily increase speed and precision without compromising safety.

Is Olli legal?

Private properties like airports, universities, and planned communities are all self-driving vehicle friendly. Some public authorities already allow limited or supervised operation on public roadways. Legislation in favor of self-driving vehicles is being passed every year, all over the world.

Can Olli be hacked?

Self-driving vehicles like Olli can be hacked. We've kept the safety critical applications like steering and braking off-line and out of the reach of hackers and are partnered with global leaders in cyber security to ensure you arrive to your destination safely.

Who are your partners?

We've assembled a global partner ecosystem of companies like IBM, Roding, Siemens, Phoenix Wings, and Best Mile to help create our latest vehicle innovation.

Who is liable if there is an accident?

Local Motors assumes the liability in the unlikely event that an accident does occur.

What parts of Olli are 3D-printed?

We've utilized 3D-printing for interior and exterior components like seating and wheel wells. But 3D-Printing is just one component of DDM which was utilized throughout the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Olli.